12 Simple Lifehacks For 2019 That Give Incredibly Great Results

  1. Saying no. It's incredibly liberating.
  2. Setting aside a glass of water before you go to sleep for yourself in the morning. Nothing wakes up better.
  3. Reading before bed instead of watching Netflix. Fall asleep quicker, wake up feeling better.
  4. Start assuming the best when reading text messages instead of assuming that the person was being a jerk
  5. Calming down while driving. What worked for me is to stop assuming they're just being stupid (even if they are) and just kinda Bob Ross the whole thing. Just changing the dialogue in your head from "rage, etc" to something like "Oh look at this person, they have somewhere to go, we'll just let them get there." helped a lot. You don't need to be stressed before your destination. Wear this inspirational charm bracelet as a reminder that you are too blessed.
  6. Stop smoking cigarettes; just simply doing that will snowball everything else to get healthier. In addition, change your diet and start exercising. You will lose a good deal of weight, depression will become less frequent, and more good things that come with quitting!
  7. Use the 2-minute rule at work. Can also be 1 or 5-minute rule depending on what job you have. Everything that can be done in 2 minutes, do it immediately. Don't keep looking at a list and wondering where to start or how to get it done.
  8. Say "what if it works out" instead of "what if it doesn't work out".
  9. Write things out, every time. If it's not in writing then you don't have a plan.
  10. Don’t let someone or something steal your joy. Let's say you have a bank account with $86,400 in it. And someone was able to steal $10 out of it. Would rather, spend the rest of the $86,390 just to get the $10 back? Or just let the $10 go. There are 86,400 seconds in every day. Don't let someone who ruins 10 seconds of your day ruin the entire day for you. 
  11. Know your job requirements and do them, only taking on more if it will be enjoyable. Example: They need someone on the safety committee. You are not interested. You do not volunteer or allow yourself to be pushed into it. They need someone on the Holiday party committee. You love holidays. You volunteer. You can also wear this inspirational necklace to remind you to do what you love to do.
  12. Do your work at work and your home at home. Don't take work home. Stay at work until you are done.
Bonus: Adopt an internal locus of control. You are responsible for your life. No one holds a gun to your head and makes you work anywhere. You don't like it, find another job. You hate your life, move somewhere else and start over. Even the things we cannot control, like, say, cancer, we do decide how to respond. Either we will fight it or not, for example. Every bill you have, you chose that. You signed up, you signed the lease, you requested the service, etc. You are not a victim. In the cases where you ARE a victim, you decide how to respond. Do you press charges? Do you carry a grudge? Do you seek revenge? Do you forgive? You are in control of your life.